Miami and the Everglades Tours

The cosmopolitan City of Miami is situated approximately 4 hours’ drive south of Orlando (about 230 miles).  Be sure to include a day visit to 'the Magic City' when visiting Florida.  Whether you just want a tour that provides you the freedom to explore the city independently or a fully organized day that includes a visit to The Everglades National Park, a boat ride around the Star Island to see the millionaires’ homes, and a glimpse of South Beach - we have the options.  Bayside Marketplace Mall near Downtown Miami is our starting place in the city for all tours.  It’s our first Miami stop; see the millionaires’ yachts, the marina mall, and the skyscrapers of the Downtown region.  We return to Central Florida in the early evening from the art deco paradise South Beach, home to white sands, pastel buildings, Ocean Drive, and the Miami laid back attitude.  Looking for more, the open top bus tour is an excellent way to see more of the city from Little Havana to the Wynwood Walls Art District to take lots of photos for your Instagram.  If you are looking for just a ride to the city, we have a shuttle transportation from Orlando to Miami available

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