5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

That is what we are hoping to hear, there is a rocket scheduled to lift off from the Kennedy Space Center.
If you are in Orlando and wanting something a little special and fun to do tomorrow please call our office at 407-522-5911 and reserve your seats now.

Space Shuttles are now condemned to our history books – and what a great accomplishment into the history books they were.  The regularly scheduled ‘STS’ or Shuttle Transport System missions were the public buses to drive the astronauts back and forth to the International Space Station.  These tours used to sell out weeks in advance, with lottery style systems for purchasing tickets.  When tickets to the last launch went on sale, over 53,000 unique users were logged into our websites trying to buy tickets in the first 30 seconds alone… yet for the rocket launch tomorrow, we have seats available!

Be a part of history in the making as you explore the ins and outs of Kennedy Space Center on this out-of-this-world day tour. You’ll have access to restricted areas, walk under the massive Saturn V rocket and even meet and greet an astronaut from the Space Program!

One of the many highlights of your day will be the Shuttle Launch Experience, a space simulator that gives you a taste of what the astronauts feel when they lift off. You’ll also be able to view IMAX movies giving you a 3D look into what it’s like to walk on the moon, and visit the rocket garden for a surreal experience surrounded by giant rocket ‘flowers.’

A new exhibit that opened in summer 2013 was the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  This is a the highlight of every tour to the space center – it is awesome and even if you have been to the space center in the past if you never saw the Atlantis exhibit you have to return back.

Combine your tour with the Ultimate Space Experience, this tour takes you close by the former shuttle launch pads, it is a two hour fully guided bus tour within Kennedy and if you really want to experience Kennedy yet don’t necessarily wish to walk around and read the exhibits yourself then this is your opportunity. On some occasions the bus tour stops in the Vehicle Assembly Buildings for guests to receive a brief interior tour. This is definitely a tour highlight and something not to be missed – this inclusion is for a limited time only and we will not be told by NASA when this special stop will end! Then it’s lunch time, and your chance to sit down to a buffet lunch and presentation from an astronaut, this is a great opportunity for photos and autographs. You are able to book the Dine with an Astronaut tour with the Kennedy Space Center tour.

Another great combination is the Airboat Safari, this tour also includes a 30 minute airboat ride to discover the beauty of the swamps. Look for exotic plants, flowers and wildlife such as the main inhabitant of the swamp…. the alligator! We transport you over to the St. Johns River where you will board the airboat for 30 minutes of high speed adventures gliding across the waters.

From natures to space this tour offers something for everyone.

We offer daily tours to the Kennedy Space Center for the Kennedy Space Center Tour and the Ultimate Space Experience and on Monday’s and Thursday’s we offer the Airboat Safari combination.

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