5 Things You Cannot Miss at the Atlantis Experience

In the building that houses the Atlantis Space Shuttle holds so much that you can do and see. However, we have a few favorite things that we never miss on a visit to the visitor complex. As this is a self-guided tour you can spend as much or as little time as you please in the attraction, but we highly suggest not missing the following 5 things!

  1. The Space Shuttle itself. Upon entering the building, you will head up to the top floor where you will watch as the story of the shuttle program unfolds. You will then get your first glimpse at Atlantis as the screen is raised up. This is the only shuttle to be displayed as if it were flying with the payload doors open and the cannadarm extended. A selfie is a must do as you don’t get to see the space shuttle every day!
  2. Second on the list is a stop in at the Hubble Telescope theatre. Here you can see an exact replica and watch a film about one of the tools that answered so many basic questions about the universe. Watch as you learn how it took astronauts 5 dangerous missions to save the telescope that is still operating more than 25 years later.
  3. Next you get the chance to train as astronauts do with high tech simulators. This allows for the complex systems to be brought to life as you try your hand at piloting a shuttle and docking at the International Space station and landing at the Kennedy Space Center landing facility. If you have ever wanted to see if you had what it takes to drive a space shuttle this is your chance and no license is required!
  4. Your next stop will prepare you yet again for travels as an astronaut. To get to the next floor down you can take the stairs or the slide! This is a slide that is inclined at 22 degrees. The same that the astronauts use when disembarking the shuttle when it lands back on Earth. You can do it one, two, or twenty times. (We may have gone A LOT)
  5. The last stop on your things to not miss is Shuttle Launch Experience! This allows you to get the experience of the sights, sounds, and sensations of blasting off into space. You must first store all your personal items in a locker and then head up to watch the training video that explains all the sensations you will feel and the sounds you are going to hear. This is so lifelike that astronauts say it is the next best thing to an actual launch!

Make sure to visit Kennedy Space Center soon to check these and all the other great attractions they have. Don’t forget that we got the transportation covered! Make sure to check out the new app the was just released by the Visitor Complex and read our review of it next week! As always let us help you live #TheBucketLife.

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