Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch: Need to Know

This coming Tuesday, February 6, 2018, SpaceX will launch the Falcon Heavy rocket from Kennedy Space Center. This will be the most powerful operational rocket to liftoff and will make history as it blasts off on its mission. It is composed of 3 Falcon 9 nine-engine cores that when combined generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff. This launch is the jumping off point to hopefully allowing humans back into space. As of now the window is set for 1:30pm-4:30pm and the weather looks to be shaping up great.

 If you want to witness this piece of history, Gray Line Orlando has it covered with 2 different options.

 The first is viewing from the Kennedy Space Center Complex. Guests will get admission to the complex and all the attractions there (minus the bus tour as the launch pads it normally tours will be occupied), while they wait for the launch. Throughout the complex guests will get live updates on the launch as it prepares to go off. They will also be able to get a seat in one of the bleachers Kennedy has set up throughout the complex if they wish to stake a claim early. This is tour to Kennedy is priced at $109 per adult and $99 per child ages 3 to 11. Guests will arrive at the complex around 10am depending on the traffic.

 The second option we have is to view the launch from Space View Park. This park is about 15 miles from the launch pad with a view from across the Banana River, you will be able to see the rocket light up as the launch starts. This tour will arrive at the park about 90 minutes before the launch window begins giving you ample time to stake out your viewing spot as the park is open to the public. For this tour we recommend you dress appropriately or the weather and bring a jacket just incase as it may get chilling by the water’s edge. It is also good to keep in mind you could be waiting up to 5 hours for the launch to go off, so a book or tablet may be a good idea. At the park, you can also walk through the monuments the city has constructed honoring all the men and women who not only were on the shuttles into space, but the ones who helped get them there. This tour is priced at $55 per adult and $35 per child ages 3 to 11. Guests will arrive at the park around 11:45am depending on traffic.

 For both tours please note there is no refund if the launch is scrubbed for the day.

 Don’t let history pass you by. Become part of it as you watch the Falcon Heavy Rocket launch into space. This is the ultimate time to live #TheBucketLife.

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