Florida Traveling

Florida is one of the biggest tourist destinations and rightfully so. There is so much to see and do in this theme park capital. However most of these things take place outside, and the weather is sometimes (most of the time) predictably unpredictable. It can go from beautiful and sunny, to a freezing downpour and back within 20 minutes. Therefore, if you plan to travel to this wondrous state anytime soon here are a few things to keep in mind.

Drink lots of water.

  • Drink water before you get thirsty. Once you feel like you need to drink something, it is too late. In the humidity and heat here in Florida it is easy to get dehydrated, so start getting in the habit of sipping water throughout the day. Also make sure to have a bottle or two in your bag. Most places give out free cups of water, but it is always nice to have some handy.

Wear Sunscreen

  • This is a given for every time you plan an outside outing. You will not only protect your skin short and long term, but also save your vacation. Getting a sunburn, the first day, will put a damper on the rest of your vacation.

Choose loose, light weight, and light colored clothing

  • Wearing loose, light weight, and light colored clothes will help you sweat less, helping you to stay hydrated. This clothing choice will also help you to keep your body temperature down, and make it easier to cool off.


  • Besides being a great fashion statement, these will be something you will greatly regret forgetting. The sunshine in Florida seems to be the brightest in the world, and your shades will become your best friend!

Be Prepared for rain

  • Around 4 o’clock everyday there is a rain storm. This storm varies from some light rain to a monsoon last anywhere from 15 minutes to all night. Due to this temperamental state you will want to make sure to have an umbrella or poncho or both on you at all time.  When it comes to your shoes, be extra cautious if you wear sandals and bring extra socks if you wear tennis shoes. Trust me on the socks thing, nothing will ruin your day like wet socks

Preparing to vacation in Florida is, as you will learn, something you can only partially do. You can’t plan everything, because as I said earlier this state is predictably unpredictable. However, the above tips will hopefully give you a jump on the game. The most important thing is to have fun and live #TheBucketLife.

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