It’s the end of an era in Lake Buena Vista….. we are saying goodbye to Crossroads!!!

It’s the end of an era in Lake Buena Vista….. we are saying goodbye to Crossroads!!!

Whilst we have known for a few years that its days were numbered, due to planning and COVID that date would be pushed back many times…. That is until today…… the final day we plaza is accessible. 

Crossroads has been taken by the I-4 Ultimate Project and will be flattened to make way for the new exit ramp from the Interstate over the coming year.

Like many Orlando natives and tourists, we have many memories of the plaza. For nearly 25 years the Goodings Supermarket at Crossroads was our final meeting point departure before leaving the Orlando region and headed off to a fun tour experience.  Over 100,000 Gray Line Orlando and Gator Tours guests have boarded our tour vehicles at the plaza, which we have been operating within since the 1990s!!

When considering our company history from being founded as Gator Tours in 1993, when Orlando had far fewer hotels, we used to pick up at every hotel.  All tour vehicles would meet at Crossroads in the morning to switch out guests.  08:30am at the Goodings Supermarket was an integral part of our day, every day!

Over the years as Orlando grew, and our business changed to accommodate that growth, even though it was no longer our final meeting point, it has always featured in our pickup schedule…. That is until today.

This morning we went and visited the plaza one last time, it was a hive of activity, but not for the usual reasons.  Vendors where there collecting signage, removing ATMS, emptying the trash cans one last time.  Gone were the big yellow golden arches of McDonalds, signs were posted on doors wishing guests a fond fairwell…..  It was a sad sight to see.  

Do you have memories of Crossroads Plaza?  

Outside of visiting literally hundreds of times in tour vehicles some of team Gray Lines favorite memories are –

Hanging out at Pebbles in at Disney Cast Member Service Industry Nights!

Hitting up Goodings as it was the only 24 hours supermarket in the region after nights out in Disney Pleasure Island back in the day.

Team Holiday Parties at The Knife Argentinian Steakhouse.

Special Meals at Johnnies Hideway

Playing Mini Golf (badly) with our friends from Pirates Cove Mini Golf

Trying Pumpkin Pie for the first time ever at Perkins Bakery

So, what do you remember when you think of Crossroads?  We wish all 

the business that are moving, the very best of luck in their new locations.

As for Gray Line we would like to thank Goodings and the Crossroads Plaza for many years of looking after our morning guests.  We look forward to working with the Golden Coral in Lake Buena Vista as our alternate pick-up location for guests in that area.

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  • Just heard that Crossroads has gone !
    How could they ? The first visit to Orlando ( usually to TGI ) was when you knew you were back ! For a visitor, nothing was better than seeing Goodings , Perkins, Pebbles and wondering where to go next. Did they really need another ramp off the interstate ? Shame on the vandals who made the decision. I’m staying away !!
    Joe McLaughlin,
    Glasgow, Scotland.

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