Return to Space -A Successful Launch

Today we stand in awe at the accomplishment that has been made by Americas Space Force.

A Falcon 9 rocket carrying 2 American Astronauts lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  This is the first time we have seen a human lift off in America since 2011.  On July 2011 Gray Line Orlando were at the Kennedy Space Center in full force.  We brought thousands of guests to view the final Space Shuttle Launch, and on 8th July 2011 the orbiter Atlantis lifted off for STS1-135.  

The mood at the NASA causeway was both joyous and somber, whilst happy the launch was a success there was a sad atmosphere that the space shuttle was being retired.

Joy came back when we found out that Atlantis would have a forever home at the Kennedy Space Center and we are so lucky to be able to take guests to see Space Shuttle Atlantis and hear about her history on our day tours to the space center.

On that hot July day, we were told not to be too sad, that history was being made in the final launch, and to take heart in knowing within 10 years there was a promise to have more human space flight from Kennedy Space Center.

Whilst todays lift off wasn’t on the Orion craft as initially expected, we are so happy that todays launch has happened.  The excitement and energy is back.  Human space flight has returned from Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral.

Sadly due to COVID-19 we couldn’t bring busloads of guests to the special viewing causeway, or the  Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex today. We also made the decision as a company we were not going operate buses to bring people to the Cocoa Beach, nor the Space View Park like we have for past launches – this is not the time for crowds…… and we are at home doing our part social distancing.

And this is from where this image was taken…. a back yard.  So whilst for this launch we cannot share the best images taken from our cameras at the NASA Causeway, we can share this image taken from a back garden whilst social distancing.

We also can give the promise that when it is safe to do so, we will bring our guests back to watch the launches.  We will be back with daily tours to the Kennedy Space Center where their promise is to be #alwaysexploring – until then, stay safe at home and very soon we hope to be #SightseeingEverywhere once again.

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