Wild Florida

A few hours from the hustle and bustle of the theme park capital of the world lies Wild Florida. Here you will find beauty and serenity surrounding you. Whether it is a ride on an airboat, a stroll through Hawk Marsh, or an adventure through the wildlife park, you will find yourself falling in love with Florida. So many make a bee line for Disney World or Universal, that they overlook the beauty of Florida and all the forms of wildlife that call it home.

While on your airboat ride you will feel the wind in your hair and learn some fun facts about your surroundings. You will see turtles, cattle, alligators and so much more! This is a once in a lifetime feeling that will leave you in awe. An airboat ride makes you feel as though you are flying over the water. As your hair whips around your face and you hear the whistle of the wind you will be at ease.

Strolling through Hawk Swamp will make you feel you are in a fantasy land. The greenery and nature around you transport you to another world, as you walk down the wooden bridges. Here you will be able to allow your mind to wander and find some peace and serenity.

An adventure awaits you in the wildlife park that is included with your admission. Here you will find so many different types of creatures, many that will want to become your new friend. Peacocks random at will through the park and are great selfie partners.

It is time to take a break from the mainstream theme parks and set course for a relaxing and exciting day. At Wild Florida you will have an adventure worth a thousand rides on Space Mountain. Start living #TheBucketLife NOW!

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