First Day of Summer

Summer is the time to do things, that let you live freely. It is the time to make the best memories of your life. It is the time to free fall into adventure. Where will your adventures take you? What mountains will you climb? What challenges will you overcome? How sore will your cheeks become from all the smiles and laughs?

There are so many things you can do that will make for unbelievable stories. You can walk through history books as you follow the steps of astronauts. You can swim alongside the smartest mammal of the seas. You can become friends with a beautiful sea cow. Or even come face to face with an America Alligator.

While summer is a time to live out loud, it is also a time for some relaxing activities. While laying on a white sandy beach is a great go to for relaxation, there are other ways to take a breath. Walking through the streets of the oldest town in the US will help you regain your center.

There are so many things waiting for you out there. So it is time to step up to the plate and make this summer the best one yet! #TheBucketLife #FindAReasonToGo

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