Do you have a bucket list? Somewhere you’ve listed all the things you want to do in your lifetime? Have you started checking off any of those items? Have you attempted to start the planning or done anything to be the person you want to be? Have you lived the life you planned to live?

What is on your list? Hopefully it is BIG. If you have spent all this time picturing a bucket list, it needs to be worth your time. It needs to be something you have to be brave enough to chase.

Hopefully it is something like seeing and touching an alligator or riding an airboat through the Everglades. Seeing an American Alligator in its natural habitat is like nothing else you have ever witnessed.

Could swimming with manatees be on there? Although they are labeled as the sea cows of the water, they are gentle majestic creatures that will capture your heart and never let it go.

Have you dreamed of infinity and beyond? What about learning of the giant leaps we have taken as mankind landed on the moon and more? Kennedy Space center is hopefully on everyone’s bucket list and will be one for the books.

Maybe it contains taking the day to see the oldest town in the nation while soaking in the sun and history. Walking the cobblestone streets, you will feel the town come alive and feel the stories of those whose came before you. Witness how far we have come and all that we have learned.

Or, perhaps it is something like dipping your toes into the Gulf of Mexico or dolphin watching aboard a high speed boat. What about seeing a famous dolphin with a mechanical tail? Maybe you want to hit the high seas with a peg leg and an eye patch or a fishing pole and bait.

What about witnessing a real world rodeo? Watching bull riders hang on for their life and feeling the electricity of the crowd is a once in a lifetime feeling. Seeing horse and rider become one as they race to beat the clock.

Have you thought about your bucket list lately…?

Start today. Book that vacation, hop on that plane and stop liking it on Facebook, tweeting it on Twitter, and pinning it to your bucket list board on Pinterest. Do it. LIVE The Bucket Life! Be too busy experiencing the world and all it has to offer, to even think about the person you were before. They say traveling is good for the soul. Isn’t it time your soul got some much needed time in Florida? I think so. Your Bucket Life is waiting, and it is time! #TheBucketLife #FindAReasonToGo

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