A Historical Town

In the historic town of St. Augustine, you feel just that. Labeled as the oldest town in the U.S., St. Augustine lives up to its title. From the scenic streets and water views to the carriages that you see in the streets this town is nothing short of picturesque. While here you will get the chance to see so much as you come to understand the rich history that fills every nook and cranny of this town.

There are a few ways to take in the stories and sights. You can hop on the trolley that takes you through the many big name sights, while a guide tells you just snippets of this town.  Or you can take a scenic cruise through the harbor as you learn of the settlement and understand the tranquility of this city.

Don’t forget to check out the old jail, that is truly one of a kind. The tour is all fun and games until you realize that this isn’t just an act. These conditions were real and they were cruel even for criminals. Walking around you see that although not everything is sunshine and rainbows we have learned from the past and will continue to do so in the many, many years ahead.

Here the natives have brought forth the history and stories of their town. They display where the town has been and how far it has come. You can pick out the natives from the gleam of pride in their eyes. They pour their heart and soul into this town and it is not unnoticed. This is the kind of place you can be happy to call home and they know it.

This little town nestled on the Florida coast has a sparkle that has yet to be dimmed by the years it has seen. Today it continues to shine and envelope those who step foot here. The small town feel and tranquility give it a quality that makes you understand why it has survived so long.

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