Not Just Boots and Belt Buckles

Have you ever seen a man risking his life for the rush of the ride and the love of crowd? Down at Westgate River Ranch many line up to do just that because they are the real deal Cowboys. It is more than boots and belt buckles, it is the rodeo. People come from all around to see these men step up to the gate where they will try to tame the bull and hang on for a mere 8 seconds. Thinking on it that might not seem like long but as soon as the latch is pulled it will feel like eternity for the crowd and rider alike.  As the bull thrashes and bucks the crowd will hold their breath sending all the thoughts to the rider who has attempted this terrifying and amazing feat.

While the cowboys try to keep up with the clock, the cowgirls race against it. Riding their horse that they have trained for months and even years, they become one as the seconds tick by, doing their best to beat the duo before them. Just like with the bull riding there is an electricity that goes through the crowd as you cheer for strangers who have put their whole life on the line to do something most of us only dream of.

During the rodeo, not only do you get to witness the amazing sports that are bull riding and barrel racing, you also get to see some amazing horse riding skills demonstrated by cowboys and cowgirls.

The tour out to Westgate River Ranch departs from Orlando every Saturday afternoon. While there you get to enjoy a hayride through the ranch lands, a dinner from the south, and of course the rodeo! You can also take a ride on the mechanical bull to see if you have what it takes to be a cowboy or take a stop in the Saloon to make some unforgettable memories.

This event is a family affair that all will enjoy! This is a tour exclusively offered by Gray Line Orlando so book your trip today! What are you waiting for, stop writing it down and start living the Bucket Life!

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