LEGOLAND Orlando Waterpark: Know Before You Go

It is summertime in Central Florida, meaning it is the equivalent of living in the sun (maybe a little dramatic but also true). Therefore, tourists and locals alike take shelter at the waterparks. The bonus for the LEGOLAND waterpark is that they are at the same location. No need to take bus to a different location and waste a few hours of your day. For this reason, we decided to give you a little extra information about the LEGOLAND waterpark, so you are extra prepared for a day of fun in the blazing sun.

 ·The most important thing to know is that although it is inside the main park, you MUST have an additional ticket for admission to the waterpark. This also includes anyone under 3. They also need to have a ticket, but it is only $3.

·There is WIFI everywhere at the LEGOLAND resort, so even at the waterpark you can post that perfect vacay pic to Instagram.

·When it comes to what you wear at the waterpark, please keep it classy as this is a family destination. If you don’t you could be asked to leave. Also note that all children 3 and under are required to have on a swim diaper.

·As this is a waterpark, they have your locker needs covered. At only $9 for the day you will have access to your stuff at the front of the waterpark, with a secure keyless system.

·As this is Central Florida in the summer and we are basically in the sun, make sure to bring bottled water to stay hydrated.

·With that being said, also make sure to bring along that sunscreen and apply heavily, even if you think you don’t need it. Looking like a lobster is not a good look for anyone except actual lobsters.

·Like any other water park, leave the chairs and lawn furniture at home. LEGOLAND has this covered but keep in mind they availability is on a first come first serve basis.

·They, however, do not have the towel situation covered. If you want to buy them as your souvenirs, by all means go for it. If not make sure to bring your own from home. Towels are also a great tool for marking your territory while you go on a waterslide!

·You are not allowed to bring in a cooler with a picnic lunch or really any food for that matter (unless you have a medical need). However, you will want to check out all the delicious eats at Beach-n-Brick grill anyways.

·If wanted, they do have cabanas for rent. These are some pretty fantastic cabanas too complete with a private space, 2 souvenir towels, a personal locker, use of a mini-fridge stocked with water, 2 beach recliners, 2 chairs, and your own cabana host. Sounds like the only way to do a waterpark honestly.

 We hope this list of tips and facts is helpful when booking your trip to LEGOLAND and the waterpark this summer. Do you have any tips we missed? Let us know!

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