Lets Cross Kennedy Space Center off Your Bucket List

Kennedy Space Center is a place that takes up a slot on many bucket lists across the world. It is the place that holds so much history, hope, and knowledge about the ever-evolving world we live in. Because of this when you finally get the chance to go, do yourself a favor and book with Gray Line Orlando. As the number one reseller of tickets for the space center, we know a thing or two to make your day the best day possible. Here are just 5 of the many ways we will help your out of this world day a spectacular one!

 1. The tour includes roundtrip transportation from the Orlando area. With select pickup points along International Drive, in Kissimmee, and Lake Buena Vista, we have something that will work for everyone. The pickups and drop-offs are created with you in mind so that we can get you to and from the Space Center in the most efficient manner.

2. We go to Kennedy Space Center EVERYDAY! This means that whether there is one person or eighty people on our bus we do the same tour to give every guest the experience they deserve. If Kennedy is open you can bet we will be there with smiles on our faces!

3. Because we love the space center so much and they are awesome, Gray Line Orlando is the only company that receives a meet and greet with an astronaut upon arrival. Now they are busy people so this is based on the availability of the astronaut, but they are also not ones to disappoint. They can kind of do the impossible. Upon arrival to Kennedy your guide will walk you to a designated room (This allows you to be a priority at the security checkpoint. Score!) where an astronaut will greet you and give you tips about what not to miss and maybe share a story from space. This also allows you to save on having to line up later, wasting an hour of your day, to meet the same astronaut.

4. Once the meet and greet is over, your tour guide will walk you over to the Atlantis Exhibit and give you a brief introduction before setting you free to spend the day as you wish. This is an introduction hat only VIP Kennedy guests receive, and all our guides are equipped to deliver it to you!

5. Being that we travel to Kennedy Space Center every day, we are truly the local experts. On the way to the space center, your guide will be sure to give you a few tips and tricks of how to get the most out of your day. The space center is ever growing and changing and has so much to offer, it is easy to spend your whole day at one attraction. If this is what you want that is great, but if you want to get it all in we can help there!

Making your bucket list is a great thing, but here at Gray Line we want to make those dreams a reality. With that we also want that dream to be everything you thought it would be. Our tour to Kennedy Space Center is one that we do not take lightly. We hope that when choosing who to spend that day with, that we are in the running. Here at Gray Line we are in the business of helping you live the Bucket Life, and we don’t like to disappoint either.

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