Thanksgiving and Football

Thanksgiving and sports go together like turkey and stuffing. Here at Gray Line Orlando our line of sports products has grown greatly and we want to share it all with you! So, take a look, and find out just who you want to cheer to victory. In the end, it will be so much more than a game.

There is nothing like experiencing a National Football league game. Here in Florida we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that plays with heart and dedication. In the stands, you will be immersed in the roar of the crowd and the spirit of the game. Nothing brings strangers together more than rooting for the same team.  With transportation from Orlando to Tampa, this day will give you so much more than a final score. This season still has a few chances for you to join us, so don’t wait.

An opportunity that only comes once a year, like stuffing your face with turkey and mashed potatoes, is the Daytona 500. This is also known as “The Great American Race” but it is one that people from everywhere come to witness. It may just look like cars driving in circles but it is so much more. These drivers put everything on the line to show that dreams really can come true. That hard work and courage are the keys to success.

Located here in the heart of Orlando we have the Orlando City Lions soccer team. This up and coming team shows that heart is the way to a victory and one of the most important parts of the game. As you look around the stadium at the sea of purple you see a city united under a sport known to many and mastered by few. Memories will be made and you may remember the goals but they won’t matter as much as the feelings you felt.

Every year millions of people across America sit in front of their television sets with turkey in the oven to witness a sporting event. This game however is always more than a game. This is family and friends coming together to spend time just being together. It doesn’t matter who they voted for, what is happening with the stock market, or their beliefs. It is about being there for each other and the comradery that we live for and know is always there. Experience this first hand with those you hold near and dear. It will be an experience no scoreboard could measure.

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