Swim Where the Manatees Live

Now through August we will be loading up and heading out to Crystal River every Wednesday and Saturday to Swim Where the Manatees Live! Join us on this epic adventure that lets you escape the hustle and bustle of the center of Florida tourism and see some great things. This is a day full of adventure you won’t want to miss out on.

 The day starts with local pickups throughput Orlando. Once you board you will be given a continental breakfast bag to snack on during the journey North. The first stop is the dive shop where you will get suited up and learn some important information about entering the Manatees’ home. Be sure to pay careful attention as these are delicate creatures and you don’t want to be the one to frighten them away. After learning the basics, you will head over to the dock to journey up the river in search of the beautiful sea cow. The water in Crystal River is spring fed and remains at a constant 72 degrees which is why the manatees love to take shelter here, so be prepared for chilly water. While looking for the manatees your guide will give you some interesting information about the animal and the area.

After your swim in the river looking for manatees you will have worked up quite an appetite. Lucky for you the next stop on the tour is an all Americana restaurant, Sara’s Diner! Here you will have your choice off the menu to fill up on some home cooked deliciousness! Sit back relax and discuss the awesomeness you just got to experience.

The last stop on your tour will be at Homosassa State Park. Here you will find many animals native to Florida, including a great Manatee viewing area. A few hours discovering the park then you will board the bus for the journey back to Orlando.

Make sure to boo your tour to Crystal River today. We want this summer to be the summer you live #TheBucketLife and want to be the ones to help you cross those items off! Adding more days means we can help even more of you adventurous people cross off swimming with manatees!

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